Kindergarten Orientation Summary

Kindergarten Orientation was  Monday, June 13th in the main building auditorium.  The orientation was for ALL incoming Kindergarten children (gifted and talented included). You can find the the agenda and summary from the Kindergarten Orientation here. All the handouts families received prior to orientation are below. Please only print out the handouts that need to be filled out. You can email them to or drop them off to the school. I will be in the  main building office Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays all summer. There may be some days I am asked to report to another location so call before you drop by. Both PTA and school handouts below. As a community we are committed to becoming more digital so we use less paper and reduce our carbon footprint.

School Food Information – Please click this link  to see the most current menu for the annex. The page will open on a map and in the top center of the map you will see a white box that has specific information about our annex breakfast and lunch program.

P.S. 188 Summer Calendar 2016

PTA Orientation Materials:

PTA Kindergarten Packet – Read through print, fill out tear offs and return to PTA

School Orientation Materials

**UPDATED** Kindergarten Orientation Summary       Kindergarten Supply List 2016-2017

Contact List for Parents Guardians

Food Allergies 2016 – Please print, fill out and return to the school

Class Parent Letter 2016 – Please print, fill out and return to the school

Parent Coordinator Hello Letter                       Health Letter 2016 K Orientation 2016        Party Policy is currently being updated

NYCDOE School Calendar 2016-2017              NYCDOE Parent Teacher Conference 2016-2017


Registration Documents  Please print them up, fill them out and bring these documents along with your required documents for registration 2016-2017 with you when you come in to register.

Kindergarten Enrollment