PS 188Q Annex – Message from Our Assistant Principal, Mrs. Nartowicz

The P.S. 188 Annex educates the youngest of our precious students.  With two prekindergarten and five kindergarten classes, the annex has become a true early childhood learning environment.  Our Pre-k students engage in play based learning through the different units of study.  Pre-k students also learn about the importance of socialization through family-style meals including breakfast and lunch.

The kindergarten students experience a different specialty teacher each day and enjoy music, art, technology, and physical education just like their older peers at the main building.  Daily lessons include reading, writing, phonics, science, social studies, and math.  In addition to our general education curriculum and services, we also provide students with special needs various supports through speech therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and counseling.

Children who are multi-lingual learners who are still learning the English language also receive additional support and instruction from our English as a Second Language teachers.

When it’s time for recess, our children enjoy the outdoor play area in the school yard.

Our dedicated staff and devoted parents make this a wonderful place for our students to begin their school experience.​