Vision, Mission and Belief

“We are strong, and together we are stronger!”

P.S. 188Q Vision Statement

At Public School 188Q, our school community will create a program of instruction that helps develop students into well-rounded, life-long learners, and future citizens of a more just, equitable, and safe world.

P.S. 188Q Mission Statement

By providing differentiated instruction and a nurturing environment to help students develop positive feelings about themselves and others, we will create a community of learners who can problem solve and respond to life’s challenges with logic, empathy, respect, and understanding.

P.S. 188Q Belief Statement

At P.S. 188Q, we have specific beliefs about how students learn best.

  • We believe all students learn differently.  We believe students require multimodal instruction that is designed to meet their specific learning needs.   This includes the method of differentiated instruction (whole group/ small group/1:1), the use of differentiated teaching materials and activities (leveled readers, manipulatives, pre-teaching), differentiated opportunities (mainstreaming, AIS), and student choice.  (Danielson 1e)
  • We believe students learn best when they are intellectually engaged in activities and assignments that promote high-level student thinking and explanations of their thinking.   Students who are highly motivated to work on challenging content will persist, even when tasks are challenging   (Danielson 3c)
  • We believe students learn best in supportive and nurturing environments.  When students feel valued and respected by their teachers and classmates, and they can participate without fear of put-downs or ridicule, students will be comfortable taking intellectual risks. (Danielson 2a)

At P.S. 188Q, we have specific beliefs about how adults learn best.

  • We believe that adults learn best when they participate in professional learning communities characterized by mutual support and respect.  Adults who engage in collegial relationships have the opportunity to share, plan, and work together toward improved instructional skills and student success.  Adults who constantly seek ways to improve their practice and the life of the school become leaders who positively impact the entire school community. (Danielson 4d)
  • We believe adults learn best when they seek regular opportunities for continued professional learning in content knowledge and pedagogical skill.   Adults who remain current and engage in learning activities specific to their needs take courses, read professional literature, and participate in school, district, and citywide professional learning events.  Improved practices can be observed during classroom observations, within lesson plans and unit plans, and through conversations with adult learners.  (Danielson 4e)

We believe adults learn best when they participate in professional conversations about their practice.  When adult learners welcome colleagues and supervisors into their rooms to observe their teaching, and are receptive to objective feedback, they gain valuable insight into their practice.  This leads to improved pedagogy.  (Danielson 4e)