2022-2023 School Contact Information

Families of  Pre-K or Kindergarten children, please contact the annex, at 718-464-4615. If you are unable to contact the annex, please call the main building at 929-600-5683. 

  • message for a teacher in the annex
  • message for the Asst. Principal
  • absences/homework
  • school trip information (Pre-K and Kindergarten)
  • updating Information Sheets
  • annex nurse
  • school lunch

For all other inquires and for families of 1st to 5th grade students please contact the main building at 929-600-5683.

  • message for a teacher in the main building including cluster teachers
  • message for the Principal
  • Guidance
  • Social Worker 
  • School Based Support Team
  • Parent Coordinator – ext. 1165
  • Main Building Nurse
  • school lunch
  • school trip information (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th grade) 
  • absences/homework
  • updating Information Sheets
  • registration
  • moving

If you would like to email a teacher, select the building your child attends below. For cluster teachers (art, music, P.E., STEAM and violin) including Pre-K Cluster, please click on the cluster link below.

Main Building