Book of the Month – December 2022

Reading with children can improve their language, literacy, and social-emotional skills, increasing their knowledge of the world around them.

Tiara’s Hat Parade by Kelly Starling Lyons

Picture of the book Tiara's Hat Parade. Older woman making a hat and younger child smiling wearing a hat.

Tiara has a gift for storytelling; her momma has a gift for making hats. When a new store opens that sells cheaper hats, Momma has to set her dreams aside, but Tiara has an idea for helping Momma’s dreams come true again.

Make Connections Beyond the Book:

  • Why do people wear hats?
  • Do you like wearing hats? Why or why not?
  • Do you have a special or favorite hat? What’s the story behind your hat?
  • If you could were going to make a hat, what would your hat look like?
  • Tiara’s mother is talented at making hats. What are Tiara’s talents? How does she use them? How do you use your own talents?

Extension Activities:

An extension activity is an activity that extends the learning of the lesson.  Extension activities can be done in school or at home, in a small group or individually.  They help personalize the story and increase relatability

Framework for Systemic Social and Emotional Learning

Social Emotional Learning Theme

Cultivate Compassion

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Focus

Books and stories provide points of access for understanding other people’s lives. Help students walk in someone else’s shoes—or try on a different hat! Talk about what they read and how to put their compassion into action.

DESSA Competencies Connection

Optimistic Thinking · Relationship Skills · Goal Directed Behavior · Personal Responsibility · Self-Management · Decision Making

One Book, One School Community…

“The idea is that… (a community) that opens the same book does it in greater harmony.”

-Mary McGrory, 2002

PS 188Q Parent Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Mission Statement
To promote an inclusive, empathetic, and compassionate community at PS 188Q that empowers and celebrates our diverse students and families (including historically underrepresented individuals of various ethnic, religious, socioeconomic and LGBTQ+ populations), by implementing initiatives that will result in greater student success (academic and socioemotional), and providing families with resources and opportunities for discussion.