Homework Policy 2022-2023

P.S. 188Q Parent & School Homework Policy 2022-2023
(Updated 09/07/2022)

Daily Homework Assignments – Not Counted Toward Report Card Grades

  • Homework assignments by topic will be posted each day by all K-5 classroom teachers in the classroom. All K-5 teachers will assign homework.
  • Teachers will encourage children to complete all their homework.
  • Parents will determine the appropriate amount of daily homework their child will complete (all, some, or none) based on their own personal and academic philosophies and the developmental needs of their child. For example, if a student is far above grade level in reading but struggles with math, the parent may decide to have his/her child focus more time on math and skip the evening’s reading assignment.
  • Parents are encouraged to work with their children to identify topics/questions which can be reinforced in the classrooms to help strengthen the home/classroom connection. Teachers will encourage children to share these topics/questions in their review of the homework assignments. Teacher will check homework and will reinforce learning based on identified areas of improvement.
  • Daily homework completion will be recorded but not calculated in report cards grades.
  • Teachers will assign daily homework as follows:

Kindergarten approximately 30 minutes (Monday -Thursday)
First Grade approximately 40 minutes (Monday- Thursday)
Second Grade approximately 50 minutes (Monday-Thursday)
Third Grade approximately 60 minutes (Monday-Friday)
Fourth Grade approximately 70 minutes (Monday-Friday)
Fifth Grade approximately 80 minutes (Monday-Friday)

Long Term Projects/Graded Assignments – Counted Toward Report Card Grades

  • Long term projects and graded assignments will be assigned by classroom and cluster teachers.
  • Long term projects and graded assignments are mandatory and will be counted toward report card grades.
  • Long term vacation projects and graded assignments will be assigned the week before vacation and will be due one week after the return to school. Two weekends (at the minimum) will be included in this time.
  • Long term projects and graded assignments that require access to the public library will include a weekend to accommodate working families.
  • One Time Only – If a child forgets to hand-in or upload his or her long term project or graded assignments on the due date, there will be a one-time-only, one-day grace period without penalty.
  • If a child forgets his or her long term projects or graded assignments on future occasions, each late day will incrementally diminish the score: (4 to -4), (-4 to +3), (+3 to 3), (3 to -3), (-3 to +2) (+2 to 2) (2 to -2) (-2 to +1) (+1 to 1) (1 to -1) (-1 to 0)
  • Please inform the classroom teacher of religious holidays that prohibit students from completing long term
  • projects or bringing a long-term project to school on a day of religious observance. The classroom teacher will make reasonable accommodations for your child such as an alternate due date.

Sick, Injured or Quarantined Children

  • Each child should have at least two homework buddies to call if he/she has questions about the homework assignment.
  • Children who are out sick for 1-3 days will obtain homework assignments from their homework buddies or from their teacher when they return to school.
  • • The principal will support the classroom teacher to create individual learning plans for students on a case-by-case basis for serious or long-term medical situations (e.g. hospital stay, broken legs) or quarantining situations.

Children Absent for Family Celebrations/Vacations

  • Advanced homework and school work will not be provided when families go on vacation when school is in session.
  • Advanced homework and school work will not be provided when children miss school due to family celebrations.