2021-2022 Supply List

Below you will find the supply list by grade for the current school year. This is a general supply list for the whole grade. In September teachers will let families know if there is any additional supplies needed.

Please, follow the dates listed to bring in the supplies. If you bring all the supplies on the first day of school, you will have to asked to take them back  home because there is no one to bring it up to the classroom.

If you have any questions, you can email me at, mperez-fung@schools.nyc.gov. Enjoy the summer! See you in September!

PreK Supply List 2021-2022

Kindergarten Supply list 2021-2022                              

Grade 1 Supply List 2021-2022                                            

Grade 2 Supply List 2021-2022

Grade 3 supply list 2021-2022                                           

Grade 4 Supply List 2021-2022

Grade 5 Supply List 2021-2022