Student Council Sponsored February Events

“Soup-er” Bowl Food Drive February 7th to February 11th

The Student Council is hosting a “Souper” Bowl Food Drive.  Please see the attached flyer for more details.  There will be 2 boxes in the lobby.  Each box will be labeled with the names of the teams who will play in the Super Bowl.  Students can guess who they think will win the Super Bowl by placing the canned goods in the box of the team.  He “Souper” bowl Food Drive will go from February 7th-Febuary 11th.

Student Council Sponsored Sports Day!

Sports Day will be Feb 11 (in honor of the Super Bowl).  Students can wear their favorite sports shirts.

Cards for the Elderly Valentine’s Day

Our school is planning to spread love this Valentines Day by making valentines for the elderly in a nursing home! You can participate and put a smile on someone’s face by making a heartfelt valentine. You can use any materials you have at home to make it special. give your valentine to your teacher to give to Mrs. Gambeski. One very lucky person will open your valentine on February 14th!