November/December STEM

I can’t believe it is almost November, but time flies and technology needs to be done. I am so proud of what all the children have accomplished so far, but this is just the beginning.  Unfortunately this year we are unable to continue with due to costs of the program. For typing practice, I strongly suggest using a free typing program called Power Typing. The address is This free program still tracks the children’s typing speed as well as the number of errors they make per minute. I highly recommend using this program for 3-5th graders for 10 minutes twice a week. 1st and 2nd graders can practice using The children all know what typing programs they can use in

In kindergarten, we have just started using Code-A-Pillar and will continue to do so for the next month. Children are learning what coding is and creating their own code using Coda-A-Pillar. We are still awaiting our new laptops so the children will be able to go on the computer and start learning the important skills they need; the new laptops are supposed to arrive in mid-November. We have still been doing STEM using unplugged lessons (technology lessons without the computer).

First graders will continue to use to learn how to solve and create code. We will be spending about 2 more weeks coding. Afterwards, the first grade will start using Code-A-Pillar for the first STEM activity of the year. If you are interested in your child using Kodable at home, they have sheets I printed for them that gives their log on information-most of them know it by heart. For typing practice at home please have your child practice using once a week for 10 minutes.




Second graders will continue to use to learn how to solve and create code as well. We will also be spending about 2 more weeks coding. Afterwards, the second grade will start their first STEM activity using Dash and Dot robots. To get a better idea of what they will be doing please go to to see a preview.


The third, fourth and fifth grade have just finished a project called All About Me Collage. The children have learned how to format shapes, design pages, save and insert pictures from the internet all using Microsoft Word. I am so proud of all the children with how enthusiastic they were during this project. Their collage creations were fabulous. For the next three weeks, they will be using just to refresh their memories on how-to code. This will set them up for their December coding month using and “The Hour of Code”. In between, the third, fourth and fifth graders will be using the Dash and Dot robots described above in the second grade paragraph. Please use the same link to view these amazing activities that the children will be undertaking.


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at