Music – Mrs. Block

The music students of P.S. 188 look forward to so many culminating activities during the last months of the school year!

The months of May and June will be chock-full of very exciting shows!

 Kindergarten students have been learning songs with movement for their show about friendship. Their voices are strong and clear!   

First Graders and Second Graders have completed performing in their grade shows and will continue their study of music vocabulary and the study of families of instruments through learning related musical stories and playing percussion instruments. They will also sing seasonal songs and play musical games, which convey different elements of music such as pitch, rhythm and dynamics.

The very exciting “Let There Be Music,” Spring Concert will take place on the evening of Tuesday, May 21st, at 7P.M. Third, Fourth and Fifth graders are eagerly practicing their recorders, in preparation for the concert. They will have the opportunity to show-off their wonderful skills in music literacy and performance. Guitar Stars will also perform their fun-filled rock and pop songs on their guitars, which will accompany their beautiful singing voices. Speaking of beautiful voices, The P.S. 188 Chorus will perform during the finale of the concert. We look forward to a very musical evening!

 Graduation is a very memorable experience. Fifth Graders have been rehearsing for a choral presentation during this beautiful, reflective ceremony.

 The Queens NYSSMA Festival will take place at The Corona Center for Arts and Sciences on Friday, May 31st and Saturday, June 1st.


We look forward to a very exciting and musical end-of-the year!