Music – Mrs. Block


Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year!  As always, the music program will consist of various and exciting activities for each grade.

Music instruction will take place in the auditorium in the main building and in the cluster room in the annex.


I am excited, as always to prepare the music for grades K-2 shows, which may be musical reviews.  The Kindergarten show will take place in the annex.   The presentation of the shows is always very exciting for students and their families.


Grades K-5

All K-5 classes will receive music appreciation, whether or not they learn to play an instrument.  Students will learn music vocabulary through listening to music of different genres. They study classical music of different eras, jazz, blues and country music. 


Grades K-2

There is a great deal of emphasis on singing and movement in the lower grades.  Students learn the elements of music known as beat, rhythm, dynamics and tempo through singing, movement, playing rhythm instruments and learning musical games.


Grades 3, 4 & 5

Students will learn a great deal of music literacy, through learning to play soprano recorders.  They learn the meaning of the musical staff, clefs, time signatures, key signatures, bar lines and note-reading while playing recorders of different colors of their choice.  This year they will use their musical ears to improvise melodies and rhythms, in addition to reading the music. They aspire to performing in the annual, “Let There Be Music,” spring concert!


Students in grades 4 & 5 will be given the opportunity to join Chorus.  The Chorus meets during recess and is purely on a voluntary basis.  Students who are interested, may sign up; no audition is necessary.  Good behavior and the desire to sing are the criterion.  Please understand that students who join Chorus have made a commitment until after the Winter Concert in December. The Chorus will re-organize in preparation for a spring concert in May.

At that time, students may join, quit, or remain in chorus.  Also, please understand that students who present a behavior problem will be asked to leave.


Grade 5

Students will learn inspirational songs which they will perform during the choral section of the graduation ceremony.  It is their final choral performance as they say “farewell” to P.S. 188.


Students may participate in the New York State School Music Association adjudication of their musical skills.  They will attend the evaluation and are graded in different areas of their performance. Parents escort their own children to this event, which is voluntary.

I look forward to another wonderful music-filled year!

 Mrs. Block