Music – Mrs. Block

January/February Music

CHORUS for fourth and fifth graders will re-organize after the winter vacation, in preparation for a spring concert that will take place in May. 

RECORDER students in the THIRD GRADE are making rapid progress, using their music literacy skills to play their colorful recorders! They know many musical symbols, notes and note values.

FOURTH AND FIFTH GRADE classes are increasing their music literacy skills by also playing their recorders. Fifth graders have added Boom Whackers and other rhythm instruments to their performance on recorders.  Some of them already show signs of giving an awesome performance on their instruments during the spring concert!               

FIFTH GRADERS are beginning to rehearse songs for graduation. They are enthusiastic about the inspirational messages portrayed by these selections.

FIRST AND SECOND GRADERS are learning a great deal of music vocabulary words, while actively listening to serious music. They have used very sophisticated language when interpreting sections of The Carnival of Animals and The Nutcracker. They will expand their knowledge of recognizing families of instruments of the orchestra, by listening to serious pieces of music, such as Peter and the Wolf.

SECOND GRADERS are in the process of learning songs and movements for their show about America’s Past, which will take place in January. They are awesome singers and dancers!

FIRST GRADERS have been learning and rehearsing songs and movements about Good Hygiene. Their shows will take place in February and April. There will be some pleasant surprises!

KINDERGARTNERS are having so much fun singing and moving to songs about seasons. Their grade shows will be in April. Their enthusiasm is amazing!

Students will be given the opportunity to sign up for solo NYSSMA adjudications in Queens, which will take place on May 29th & May 30th, at The Corona Arts and Science Academy; 98-11 44th Ave., Corona, N.Y. 11368.  An application, including notifications of fees, will be sent to all families via email, in January 2020. Please send electronic applications to Mrs. Block, by April 15th, 2020, or print them out and send them with fees in an envelope to Mrs. Block, if you are interested in having your child participate in the NYSSMA adjudication. Please include your email address on the application, in order to directly receive NYSSMA appointments.

We look forward to exciting musical activities during the months of January and February!

 Mrs. Block