Music – Mrs. Block

November/December Music

FIFTH GRADERS have begun playing their recorders and using colorful Boom Whackers and drums to sharpen their music literacy skills. Perhaps they will combine their use of these instruments with yet more instruments!

FOURTH GRADERS are honing their skills in music literacy by inventing mnemonic devices for reading the notes on the treble staff.  They have shown a great deal of creativity in creating helpful hints in note-reading.  They have begun to play their recorders, and surprisingly enough, they remember quite a bit since last year!

THIRD GRADERS have had an early start this year in learning music literacy and by learning to play recorders, which have been provided by our Arts Program.  Most classes have already played a song with recorded accompaniment. They show great enthusiasm for learning to play their instruments. They have learned about rhythm and pitch by playing popular musical games. 

FIRST and SECOND GRADERS have learned music vocabulary words that describe dynamics and tempo. They have learned to use these words by listening to and analyzing well-known classical pieces of music. They will also use rhythm instruments to exhibit their knowledge of various elements of music. They enjoy singing seasonal songs and playing musical games, which sharpen their skills in identifying pitch, rhythm, and melody.

KINDERGARTEN students have been a joy to teach!  Their enthusiasm for new songs of welcome, names, colors, seasons and “silly” songs accompanied by movement are fun to learn!

CHORUS Fourth and Fifth Graders are already preparing for the Winter Concert, which will take place on the morning of Dec.19.  It should be a concert filled with joy and beauty.

The music students of P.S. 188 and I look forward to an exciting winter season of music!

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 Mrs. Block