Music – Mrs. Block

March/April Music

THE CHORUS has been re-organized and is rehearsing diligently for a very promising Spring Concert. Their talent and enthusiasm is awesome!

KINDERGARTEN students have been learning songs about friendship, in preparation for their grade shows. They sing with a great deal of talent and enthusiasm!

FIRST GRADERS are rehearsing for their grade shows! They have had enlightening discussions, relating to songs about good hygiene and healthy habits. They have wonderful insight into this subject and strong singing voices to match!

SECOND GRADERS are basking in the glow of 2 wonderful shows about America’s Past.

They are now studying families of instruments of the orchestra by listening to Peter and the Wolf, in which different instruments portray the characters in the story. They will continue to study instruments of the orchestra by listening to additional pieces of classical music.

THIRD GRADERS have been very diligent and enthusiastic about their studies in music literacy, by playing their colorful recorders. They are becoming serious and dedicated musicians and look forward to performing in the spring concert!

FOURTH GRADERS are also focusing on in-depth music literacy by continuing to play their recorders.  They have learned many notes and note values.  They also continue to become accomplished musicians and also look forward to an exciting performance in The Spring Concert!

FIFTH GRADERS are focusing on advancing their studies on recorders. They have been combining Boom Whackers and other rhythm instruments with their performance on soprano recorders. They have been playing songs of different genres, including Bluegrass Music and music with special sound effects.  They too, look forward to a performance during The Spring Concert!

They also enjoy rehearsing songs for their impending and revered Graduation Ceremony.  They will convey nostalgia and inspiration by performing their graduation songs!

NYSSMA-Registration for The Queens NYSSMA Festival at The Corona Arts and Sciences Academy will continue until Wed., March 18th, 2020, as there is a deadline. The Festival takes place on Friday, 5/29 & Saturday, 5/30.  Information about The NYSSMA Festival has been emailed to all P.S. 188Q Families.

The students and I look forward to an educational and fun-filled spring full of music!

 Mrs. Block