March Lobby Painting- White Rooster

You can see the original of painting, White Rooster

By Milton Avery

The Metropolitan Museum of Art in Manhattan!

Original painting, White Rooster By Milton Avery at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in Manhattan

In this painting, the artist draws our attention to a white rooster and two brown hens.  The rooster is very large compared to the hens.  The artist used different colors for the landscape emphasizing the fantasy of the picture.

The two dominant elements of art are color and shape.  The artist used blue paint for the leaves on the tree and shades of pink for the ground.   All the shapes are done in curves.  Everything is rounded.  The background lines suggest hills and space.

The main principle of design used by the artist is dominance.  The huge white rooster is right in the center of the picture.  The viewer’s eye is drawn to him.

About the Artist

Milton Avery was born in New York in 1893.  He was a self-taught artist.  He used Henri Matisse as his mentor artist and followed his lead in using the people and scenes of his everyday life for the subjects of his paintings.  Some of Avery’s paintings are of his wife and daughter.  Avery became an important and highly respected artist.  He was a strong influence on the next generation of Abstract Expressionist artists.