April Drawing Contest


Drawing Contest


Please draw a picture of any animal for submission!

  • Students in grades PK-5 are eligible to participate!
  • The picture must be on 8 ½ x 11 (letter size) white paper. Your drawing should take up the bulk of the paper so we can see the details of your work.
  • Your name and class should be on the back of the drawing in pencil (so you can’t see your name from the front side).
  • The drawing must be of a real animal.
  • Only you can draw the animal – no cheating!
  • Other elements to consider:
    • You can submit a simple pencil drawing or you can color it.
    • You can make the drawing 2-dimensional (flat) or 3-dimensional (with perspective).
    • You can add backgrounds (trees, mountains, etc.) if you want.
    • You can add shadowing if you would like.
    • All types of animals are acceptable. For example, dogs, cats, lions, elephants, gorillas, rabbits, etc.

Winners will be selected by a panel of student judges.

All entries due by April 30, 2019

Winners will be announced in May 2019