Lessons Learned – Message from Dr. Caraisco

Here is my Lesson Learned – On 9/11, my son was in third grade.  I was also a fifth-grade classroom teacher.  I would like to pass on to you a lesson that I learned from going through that tragedy.  I urge you to carefully, carefully monitor what your children are watching on TV about Covid-19.  During 9/11, as we all reeled from shock and horror, children had access to a lot of images on television, newspapers, and magazines.  Children also absorbed a lot of conversations that were not meant for their ears.  In the panic of the days following 9/11, children were exposed to so much disturbing information and images that some long term trauma resulted.  I could see how the lapse of parental monitoring during those scary days caused great distress for my students and my own son.

I hope my experience as a parent can help you as you navigate social media, television, and adult conversations in the days and weeks ahead.  Thank you.

Janet Caraisco, Ed.D.