Dr. Caraisco’s November Corner

Caring for Self and Others

Dear Families and Caregivers,

Through our school-wide daily affirmations, students are learning and practicing language and behaviors that show respect and empathy for the diversity of individuals in the classroom. They are also learning to show self-respect by identifying their strengths and accepting that there may be things they don’t do well. They are learning to acknowledge that everyone has unique talents and no one is perfect.

At home, please have students participate in activities that reinforced the idea that all people have much in common despite differences in their cultural backgrounds, the languages that are spoken at home, their likes and dislikes, or varying physical abilities. The term “tossed salad” is a great analogy to describe how people in the United States treasure their unique cultures and backgrounds, yet join with other groups to create a culturally rich nation.

Learning to embrace differences and identify similarities among people is a necessary skill to thrive in a country that continues to become more diverse.

The message for children should be, “We are the same and we are different!”  Isn’t that what makes the world such an interesting place?

Love Always,

The P.S. 188Q Family