Art – Mrs. Dykeman

November / December Art

The kindergarten students have settled into the routines of the art room. The students have been working on their drawing skills while developing fine motor skills. When drawing, they are being taught that different shapes help create realistic images, such as people and animals. They have also been working on their coloring skills. Going forward, we will continue to strengthen their drawing skills while using different mediums.

The first graders have completed their drawings of a Knuffle Bunny, inspired by Mo Williams. The students have been introduced to the painting routines of the art room. Black china markers were used to trace the image creating a barrier which helped them stay in the lines when painting. The bunnies were painted with watercolor paints using tints. Darker tones were used in the background to help create a contrast.  The next project will be initiated by reading the book, Where the Wild Things Are written by Maurice Sendak. The students will analyze and conclude that Maurice Sendak used different animals to create each wild thing character in the book. For their next project, they’ll create a “Wild Thing” using at least 4 different animals and then paint their drawings.

The second grade students have been exploring the use of lines.  Using special pencils, the students created a continuous contour line drawing of their name and a special background.   Artists use continuous contour lines to help strengthen drawing skills. Retracing the lines several times allows for forgiveness in errors. Initially intimidating, the students became comfortable with the process. The trick is not picking up the pencil off the paper. For their next project, the second graders will be introduced to the renowned artist Georgia O’Keeffe and her work. The artist is known for painting oversized flowers and other things from nature with vivid colors. The students will create a composition of a flower drawn large and cropped.

The third and fourth graders have been drawing from observation.  A skill that improves their drawings.  We are using simple tools found in the art room.  The students are being tasked to identify shapes, notice size, observe the direction of lines, count where needed and consider symmetry as well as parallel lines.  The students are realizing that observing is important for success as well as perseverance.  The students are providing feedback to each other to help support, give guidance and encouragement.  

The third graders are beginning a still life of apples inspired by Paul Cezanne.  They will be observing a variety of apples on a tray. Each of the varied apples has different shapes, sizes, and colors which you should be able to identify in their final work.  Their drawings will be completed with watercolor paints.

The fourth graders will continue to work with tools, only now, drawing them magnified.  The students will be introduced to the sculptor, Claes Oldenburg, known for his giant sculpture of giant tools.   The students’ drawing will be so large they should be cropped off the page.  Their final drawing will be created with chalk pastel on colored paper which should create a huge impact.  

Fifth Graders have created a cartoon image of themselves that will be included in the yearbook.  We have students working hard on a t-shirt design for the senior trip t-shirt.  The students are set to start their cartoon drawing. Having selected an image of their choice, they have drawn a 3” grid. They are being taught that a grid system can assist an artist to draw and enlarge any image. The students will learn how to use a grid, observing the lines in one box at a time, and drawing what they see on the smaller grid to the corresponding box in the larger grid. Once the drawings are complete, they will color their drawing using oil pastels.

Tracy Dykeman, Art Teacher