Art – Mrs. Dykeman

The kindergarten students have finished their cats.  I hope they arrived home safely. The students are currently working on a multimedia project to create a dog. After reading, Why Is Blue Dog Blue, written by George Rodrigue, the students were inspired to create their own dog.  They have drawn the dog and will follow up by painting using dots.  The final step will be collaging details.  For the remainder of the school year, they will be working with spring related themes including flowers and animals.

The first graders have been introduced to the work of Matisse and Picasso. They should be able to compare and contrast the two artistic styles of each artist. The students will be able to identify the differences in artistic styles. Picasso had his crazy mixed up faces with unique colors, while Matisse always had more realistic portraits and used bright colors with lots of patterns. The students will create two projects, each inspired by the artistic style of Picasso and Matisse. The Picasso project will be painted. The Matisse project will be created as a collage, an art form Matisse used, especially towards the end of his career.

The second grade students selected one flower which was drawn larger than life and on black paper. Before coloring, the students used white Elmer’s glue, tracing the pencil lines in their drawings.  When dry, the glue becomes a raised barrier, preventing the chalk from spreading and creating a mess.  The students are finding that as messy as they are, when blended, the chalk can create beautiful colors. 

The third grade students have learned to draw cylinders. The students learned that both concepts, symmetry and parallel lines needed to be appealed in order to draw a cylinder successfully.   The students were then tasked to recreate the logo for Tootsie Rolls. They have also learned that guidelines are essential when creating text, but also size, shape and placement were equally important.  With the twisted wrapper at each end, the students have all the needed components to put their candy together.  Students who want to explore another option besides the Tootsie roll, such as Smarties or any other candy that has text on the exterior wrapper and with a cylinder shape, can re-create they text with my help.  The students will need to bring in an image of the candy they want to use in their work. They will be drawing one image and then repeating it two or three times.  Similar to Andy Warhol who repeated images, the students will color each Tootsie roll with different color schemes. Wassily Kandinsky credited as the pioneer of abstract art. As the cityscapes were drawn in layers with foreground, middle-ground and background, our painting was similar using the watercolors in layers starting with lighter colors.  The cityscapes are just about finished.  With the specific structure given, the results are amazingly different and impressive. Prior knowledge, building drawn, desired foreground and color choices helped to create amazing work across the 4th grade.

Fifth Graders are finishing up their cartoons.  As always, the students have taken ownership and are proud of their work.  Drawing the image with the grid is more of a technical skill and once accomplished can be useful with many things in their future.  Their creativity is expressed in a background that suits their character; some are a perfect setting, others created something very abstract. 

As the classes finish up, they will begin an op-art project.  Op art, short for optical art, is a style of visual art that uses optical illusions. Op art works are abstract, with many better known pieces created in black and white. Typically, they give the viewer the impression of movement, hidden images, flashing and vibrating patterns, or of swelling or warping.

 The cluster teachers are in need of paper towels.  Any donations are greatly appreciated!