Art – Mrs. Dykeman

ART CURRICULUM: September 2019

                The art curriculum is designed by each individual art educator within each school but based on a framework called the Blue Print for the Arts.  The Blue Print is a document developed in collaboration with educators and artists and implemented by the New York Department of Education in order to have art teachers working to meet the NYS standards for art with consistency for each grade level. 

                The Blue Print addresses benchmarks for four grade levels (2nd, 5th, 8th, and 12th) and expectations that teachers should try to achieve with their students.  Within each benchmark there are specific strand:, Art Making, Literacy in the Arts, Making Connections, Community and Cultural Resources, and Careers and Life Long Learning.  The attached link will allow you to review is for yourselves,  I try to incorporate as many of the strands as possible with each project introduced. 

                Each year I begin with drawing; the lower grades look at shapes to create their work (stick figures are not allowed in the art room).  With the lower grades, I usually incorporate children’s literature to introduce projects and where applicable, introduce different artists. 

The Kindergarten students will begin the year drawing people, first on their own with little instruction or support.  I will then work with them to draw another person using shapes for each part of the body and including details that are often forgotten.  The first graders will create “Wild Things”, inspired by Maurice Sendak.  The students’ Wild Things will be created using the parts of different animals, just as Sendak had done when creating his characters.  These drawings will be painted.  The second graders will explore nature, first an animal then we’ll look at the work of Georgia O’Keeffe.  Line, shapes, patterns and color will all be considered when creating their work.

The upper grades draw from observation.  In the past, the students have drawn fruit, plants, candies, cakes, kitchen tools.  This year the Third Graders will create a still life with fruit. The students will be introduced to the work of Paul Cézanne, known for his still life paintings.  The fourth graders will be also be drawing from observation, but will also be considering scale. The students will need to look at the shapes, lines, colors, textures and details of each subject.

The fifth graders will be introduced to a design contest for the graduation t-shirt.  This contest is not mandatory but will be introduced to all fifth graders. The work will be done at home or during recess in my room. The 5th grade teachers will select the top 8 entries and these designs will be placed in a ballot.  The 5th grade students will vote selecting the design to be printed on the t-shirts that will be worn on the senior trip.  Their first project will be to create a cartoon character.  The students will each be asked to select a character of their choice and bring in copies of that image.  Specifics on the T-shirt contest and the cartoon image requirements will be sent home shortly.

Grades:    My rubric for grading includes four factors: effort, behavior, responsibility and the art work from each project.  With the new report cards there are three grades, two that focus on classwork and one overall grade.  The first grade focuses on the work the students produce including their ability to follow direction, skills and creativity.  The second grade is based on their knowledge, participation in discussions, classroom responsibility such as homework, cleanup and behavior.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns. 

Tracy Dykeman, Art Teacher