November Writing Contest


Creative Writing Contest!


Please write an Autobiography for submission!

  • Students in grades K-5 are eligible to participate!
  • The genre is
  • The autobiography can be any length you choose.
  • The autobiography can be hand-written (as neatly as possible) or typed.
  • Common elements of Autobiographies to consider:
    • An autobiography is a true story of the writer’s life.
    • Autobiographies are typically written in the first person (the writer uses the word “I” in the story – I went to the store; I slammed the bedroom door; I came home from the hospital, etc.)
    • An autobiography tells about the important points in the writer’s life, usually in chronological order.
    • Important details can include places were the author lived, important people in the author’s life, and life-changing experiences the author experienced.

Winners will be selected by Dr. Caraisco.

All entries due by November 30, 2019

Winners will be announced in December 2019.