June Writing Contest


Creative Writing Contest!

Superhero Comic

Please write a short comic book for submission!

  • Students in grades K-5 are eligible to participate!
  • The genre is Superhero Comic Book Writing.
  • The comic can be any length you choose.
  • The comic should include pictures and captions and/or word bubbles.
  • You must create an original story (a superhero who you create)
  • Superhero story elements to consider:
    • Comic books use language such as onomatopoeia (BAM! POW! BOING!)
    • Some superheroes have sidekicks: Batman & Robin; Aquaman & Aqualad.
    • Some superheroes change appearance (The Hulk, The Thing).
    • Some superheroes wear costumes (Superman, Spiderman, & Batman).
    • Some superheroes are human (Spiderman, Batman, & Ironman).
    • Some superheroes are aliens (Superman & Wonder Woman).
    • The setting is important in comic book stories (Gotham, NYC, & Krypton).
    • Superheroes sometimes have gadgets, weapons or devices: You may not use deadly weapons in your comic book (no guns, bombs, etc.). No one should be killed in your comic!
  • Time is any time.
  • Can be told in first-person or third-person voice.

Winners will be selected by Dr. Caraisco

All entries due by June 19, 2019

Winners will be announced on June 26, 2019