January Writing Contest


Creative Writing Contest!


Please write a short story for submission!

    • Students in grades K-5 are eligible to participate!
    • The genre is
    • The story can be any length you choose.
    • The story can be hand-written (as neatly as possible) or typed.
    • Story elements to consider:
      • Characters are usually realistic, ordinary people.
      • Characters usually change as a result of a problem.
      • Place is imaginary but possible.
      • Must be believable.
      • Usually contains a problem or puzzling event for characters to resolve/solve.
      • Author usually uses foreshadowing or clues to tease the reader’s curiosity.
      • Dialog is realistic.
      • Can be told in first-person or third-person voice.


    Please send all entries to Dr. Caraisco by January 31, 2020.