June Poster Contest


June Poster Contest!

Make a Friend!

Please create a poster for submission!

    • Students in grades PK-5 are eligible to participate!
    • The theme for June is Make a Friend!
    • The poster should be on paper that is 8 ½ x 14 inches (legal size) or smaller.
    • The poster can include both typed and drawn pictures and fonts.
    • Be sure to include your name and class on the front of the poster.
    • No glitter.
    • Ideas you may want to include in the poster:
      • Walk UP to someone who sits alone at lunch and invite him or her to JOIN
      • Walk UP to someone who seems lonely, say HELLO and strike up a conversation.
      • Walk UP to someone who had different views than you and SHARE
      • Walk UP to a classmate, make EYE CONTACT and really LISTEN to them.
      • Walk UP to someone who never seems to smile and tell a joke to make them HAPPY.
      • Walk UP to someone you don’t know very well and TALK to them.
      • Walk UP to a teacher or staff member and THANK them for what they do.
      • Walk UP to someone and say something KIND that makes them SMILE.
      • Walk UP to someone and JUST BE NICE!

    Winners will be selected by Dr. Caraisco.

    All entries due by June 19, 2019

  • Winners will be announced in June 2019